101 Social Club | Cliftonville UK
101 Social Club | Cliftonville

A permanent project created and hosted by 101 Social Club as a celebration of Margate’s present and a fundraiser for the club’s activities.

An invitation to all Margate people no matter the age, background, nationality or gender, to write their own “Margate story” and to donate it to the archive of The Margate Notebooks.

Margate is a peculiar town in a peculiar moment in its history, and we want to take a snapshot of this moment from as many points of view as possible.

Here’s how it works:

  • Book your Notebook No. for £15 here
  • Write your Margate story in max 3500 words (you’re welcome to add a few b/w images, too)
  • Send your story here or, if you are unable to send us a file or need help, please call 07935777090.

We will pour your story into a common template for all notebooks, print it and hand-stitch it in two copies.

One copy will be yours and one will be added in the Margate Notebooks archive at the club.

The first Notebooks will be available as of 1st of March.

Please allow about one week for editing, printing and binding.

All Notebooks will be available to order online as they are published, see prices below.

      • 1 copy: £7
      • 5 copies: £30
      • 10 copies: £50

The entire archive will be available to browse through at 101.

All proceeds will support the club licensing process, the 101 Print Club and general overheads.