“101 Northdown Road has been a fantastic addition to the local community since day one. They have fantastic events, great shows and educational events. I enjoy many of their events and hope they can have many more in the future.” –Joseph Cornwell

“This club is an asset to the community and key to the regeneration of Northdown Road. Provision of a space such as this is key to knitting the community together and providing space for artists and community groups to utilise is totally in step with the way that Thanet is growing and evolving.” –Anna Maria Nerilli

“101 Social is a relaxed environment that welcomes all, irrespective of creed, colour, ethnic origin, gender, orientation or whatever. Even within the many constraints under which it has operated to date, it has become a valued element of our community, and will contribute so much more in the future. There aren’t many spaces where locals and incomers mix, but 101 is certainly one of them. Dario and Franca have brought new and interesting perspectives to our town; we need more places like 101!” –Deborah Chesworth

“101 Social is a fantastic venue. They organise lovely events for the whole community of Margate, not just for adults but also for families and kids. It is one of the few really friendly and down-to-earth places I have come across. I love the exhibitions, the screenings and the parties.” –Jay Rechsteiner

“101 Social plays an important part of the community especially for arts and film, providing access to artists to show their work.”–Peter Hammond

“What 101 Social brings to the community is invaluable, and is much needed in the area. 101 is a treasured asset and we look forward to seeing it operate long into the future.”—Caitlin Mogridge

“The 101 Social is fully committed to being part of a very vibrant and friendly community. They support artists and non-musicians and help to showcase new talent. The owners are very much part of Margate’s ‘alternative scene’ and are active in promoting local talent.” –Mr Toska Wilde

“101 Social is an integral part of the Cliftonville community. The owners are constantly trying to improve Thanet and raise awareness of important issues in the area. They are extremely inclusive and their venue is like a home from home for anybody needing a space to feel welcomed. I wish more communities were lucky enough to have such a space.” –Tammie Dobson

“101 Social is a fantastic asset to our community. I regularly attend art/social events there. I hope more support will enable them to fully realise the potential of the place and their vision for it.” –Heather Tait

“At last! 101 Social is a home for all, great artworks on show, lovely lovely people… It is very community oriented, and is nothing but a great boon to the community. 101 is a Totally Good Thing.” –Sarah Wyld

“This space and the people behind are a positive addition to the community, creating a place where people can come together and support each other. This is exactly what we need more of in Margate, a place inclusive of all people, an antidote to our eroded human, real-life social networks. Long live 101 Social!” –Chiara Williams

“Franca and Dario of 101 Social are two of the most hard working and creative people I know in Margate. What’s even more important is that they care deeply about the changing neighbourhood in Cliftonville and its inhabitants old and new.” –Dipesh Pandya

“I have a great deal of respect for the people at 101 Social. They have already made significant contributions to the social and cultural community in Margate. Their space is a community resource for people from all walks of life in both the immediate and wider areas of Thanet. These people are kind and generous, and have good hearts. Be assured that their enterprise can be nothing but an asset to Margate and its diverse community.”Georgina Livesey

“Great family place , great location.” –Amir Kash

“101 Social have always been so welcoming to Draper’s Mills Primary School, and supportive when we have required a community space to use. We have visited numerous times over the past few years, for art activities, exhibitions and meetings, which is invaluable to us. 101 Social provides a safe haven for our families, many of which live close by.” – Gemma Comber, teacher

“This place is a fantastic community resource that brings together a really wide range of people from Margate and Cliftonville. They deserve every bit of support to carry on what they are doing in order to become a hub for the community and to showcase the activities of the community.” –Joanna Murray

“I have known Franca and Dario for six years now. They are two gentle, generous souls who want to contribute to the revival of the area. The 101 Social is a welcoming space. There is a sense of connecting people and ideas, past and future, adventure, arts, beauty, …opportunity. I also love to spend time outside of the regular activities and support this wonderful project all at the same time.” –Franka Strietzel

“The 101ers are very good to and for the people in the area. The spreading of love, culture, arty attitude and the enthusiasm to actually produce steadily different initiatives and constant sharing of ideas has never been an easy task around the area. That’s transpiring from Franca, Dario and the group of supporters and this is one of most positive initiative in the area in years. This is and will be beneficial for many in the community, striplings and not so. The best is yet to come! Full support!” –Paul Allegri

“101 Social are a great asset to the community of Northdown Road and Margate. While I was training to become a yoga teacher, they allowed me to use their space, free of charge, to practice my teaching skills on a small number of people. Only 18 months later I have opened my own yoga studio on Northdown Road. I would not have been able to do this without their support in the early days of my training. The work that they do is of great value for Margate.” –Mel Cole

“101 Social is run by a highly competent, dedicated and dynamic pair of people. They have made a major impact on the creative and cultural life the area in a very short space of time. Their ability to curate the space and its programme bring more people into the area and ensure the commercial viability/success of the social space itself. Northdown Road needs quality space such as this to meet the needs of the growing community.” —Faye Chang

“Cliftonville needs more social spaces to accommodate such an active community. The 101 Social offers a wonderful combination of space and services. Ideal for many uses: a social meeting room accompanied by an intimate cafe. Perfect for the community and the small business which are growing in this sector of Thanet.” –Jilly Sharpe

“Social 101 is a huge asset for Cliftonville. It’s a family friendly space and the events that we have attended have been both educational and social for myself and my daughter. It has enabled me as a single mum to make friends in the Cliftonville community as it is a space for all ages to meet up and make new friends. I just wish it was open 24/7! It is also a space that can be used for community groups to meet and private gatherings. Cliftonville benefit from a space like this in an age where people aren’t always able to get together. A lot of people living in Cliftonville probably live in a flat like my daughers and me, and are unable to entertain at home. Franca and Dario care passionately about bringing the community together and do it in such a caring and supportive way. I have always felt welcome and I have never felt that I have to pay and on some occasions I have only been invited to make a donation. They are extremely inclusive and unlike some of the elitist Soho style cafes and shops that are emerging to that could actually divide the community. A breath of fresh air!” –Evelyn Warrington