SAT, 21 MAR 2020

Children’s Free Lunch (NOW SUSPENDED)
#community #cliftonville #familyfun


SUN, 8 MAR 2020

Adriana Ottolenghi: cena tra amici
#101workshops #italianculture #ww2 #shoah #femalepoetry #powthanet


THU, 5 MAR 2020

Adriana Ottolenghi: Tribute to an Unpublished Poet
#101artshows #italianculture #ww2 #shoah #femalepoetry #powthanet


SUN, 16 FEB 2020

Meet the Monk: Dayananda Swami
#harekrishnacanterbury #101talks #meditation


SUN, 8 DEC 2019 

Meet the Monk: Dayal Mora das
#harekrishnacanterbury #101talks #meditation


FRI, 15 NOV 2019

Mimi O’Halloran with Support from Jimi Tormey & Meg Janaway
#101livegigs #mimiohalloran


MON, 11 NOV 2019

Martinmas Lantern Walk
#martinmas #familyfun #rudolfsteiner #waldorfeducation #cliftonville #community


SUN, 10 NOV 2019

Martinmas Lantern Making Workshop
#martinmas #familyfun #rudolfsteiner #waldorfeducation #cliftonville #community #101workshop


SUN, 27 OCT 2019

An Afternoon by the Lago
#101filmclub #turnerprize #margatefilmfestival #lagofest


SAT, 26 OCT 2019

The Accidental Activist
#101talks #turnerprize #margatefestival #humanrights #refugees

FRI, 25 OCT 2019

Foraging ‘Omens’ Walk

Join Henna Asikainen as she guides us on a foraging pathway from Turner Contemporary to 101 Social. Asikainen’s work explores questions surrounding environmental justice, climate change, migration, human relationships with nature and the interplay between social, cultural and ecological issues. #margatefilmfestival


FRI, 25 OCT 2019

I Started Dreaming, Now I Can’t Stop
#101talks #turnerprize #margatefilmfestival #lagofest


FRI, 18 OCT 2019

Another Idol Has Displaced Me
#101artshows #olgajusianecmurphy #steampunk #upcycling #charlesdickens


FRI, 11 OCT 2019

The Margate Manifesto

Pop-up exhibition with Jemma Channing (scrivere testo più completo).
#101workshops #italianculture #ww2 #shoah #femalepoetry #powthanet


SUN, 29 SEP till SUN 12 JAN 2020 

A Conversation In My Head While Examining House Plants

Installation and audio-drama by Jay Rechsteiner and Werner Geldzahler
Conceived as an audio drama and presented as a multi-layered audio-visual installation, the work follows an imaginary conversation inside the artist’s head as he meets important art world personalities such as Klaus Biesenbach, Carl Freedman, Tracey Emin, Martin Creed, Iwan & Manuela Wirth and Werner Geldzahler.
#101artshows #turnerprize2019 #jayrechsteiner

SAT, 6 OCT 2018

High Spirits | Margate Film Festival
#101filmclubs #cliftonville #community #pippilongstockings

SUN, 29 SEP till SUN 12 JAN 2020 

Suspect Signage | Art trail by Faisal Hussain

Part of Faisal Hussain’s artworks installed on Northdown Road. The texts in the signs are statements in response to the rise of racism in society; they transcend generations and are pertinent to the geography and demographic of Margate and the UK.

SUN, 29 SEP 2019  (each Sunday, now suspended)

Free Sunday Love Feast & Kirtan
#101freesundaylunches #harekrishnacanterbury #foodforalluk

SUN, 29 SEP 2019

My Name Is Swan // A Spoken word performance and screening with Jan Noble.

Following screenings in New York, Venice, Milan and Rome ‘My Name Is Swan’ returns to the UK with its first showing since its premiere at the Curzan Aldgate as part of the East End Film Festival.
‘My Name Is Swan’ is a poetic monologue by Jan Noble. An odyssey of loss that follows ‘Swan’ through harrowing withdrawal to a blissful dawn fix.
Adam Carr’s accompanying film is a meditation on the marginalised taking us down the narrow-ways and river tributaries where litter glitters like supernovae.
A haunting soundtrack from Samuel Kilcoyne & Takatsuna Mukai soothes the metropolitan malaise and carries this beautifully evocative portrait of London to its conclusion. A Spoken word performance and screening.

WED, 28 AUG 2019

Starfish Men – Album Launch (support from Falle Nioke)

You’ve seen them on the big screen… now you can listen to them on your portable CD player
#101livegigs #starfishmen

TUE, 24 SEP 2019

Improvement Through Feng Shui [workshop teaser]
#101workshops #fengshui

SUN, 14 JUL 2019

The Space Museum with Drapers Mills Academy
#101artshows #community #cliftonville #familyfun

THU, 23 MAY 2019

Jack Goldstein + Sean B Goldring, FIL
#101livegigs #jackgoldstein

SUN, 17 MAR 2019

Misled Torpedo – workshop brunch discussing Hedy Lamarr
#hedylamarr #powthanet #community #101workshops

SAT, 9 MAR 2019

Misled Torpedo | The Many Faces, Gifts and Powers of Hedy Lamarr
#101artshows #hedylamarr #powthanet

MON, 7 JAN 2019

Pfish! Power Portraits of Superheroes – Private View
#superheroes #pfish #101artshows

SUN, 31 OCT 2018

Heebeegeebees film club
#familyfun #101filmclubs #halloweenfilmclub

SAT, 17 OCT 2018

Thea Soti / Poor Clares (Claire Orme)
#theasoti #101livegigs #claireorme

TUE, 9 OCT 2018

Getting High with the Most High: Drugs in the Bible

Thy plants are an orchard of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits; camphire, with spikenard, spikenard and saffron; calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices” – Song of Songs 4
Nearly all of the plants listed here in the Song of Songs contain known psychoactive compounds, and the combination of some of them into the holy massage oil described in Exodus reveals that the ancient Hebrews were adept at working with synergies and enzyme-inhibition to trigger powerful psychedelic experiences.
In this talk, historian Danny Nemu reveals the presence of several other mind-bending preparations in the bible. These include temple incense containing opioid-receptor and GABA-receptor agonists, dopamine boosters and other psychoactive chemicals. Lastly Danny will discuss the enigma of manna and the collective synaesthetic vision at Mount Sinai. Nemu will be giving out doses of the sacraments with messianic abandon.
Danny Nemu
Danny is the author of two of the Psychedelic Press’ bestsellers – Science Revealed and Neuro-Apocalypse. He is an expert on the Bible, mining its historic, poetic and linguistic layers for all kinds of surprising gems, including sophisticated preparations of drug such as cannabis and analogues of both MDMA and LSD. He delivers talks widely and engagingly, sometimes even hotboxing the auditorium with the psychocative incenses of Exodus to recreate the tabernacle!

SUN, 14-30 SEP 2018

Now and Then
#kimsvideo #cliftonville #community #101artshows

THU, 27 SEP 2018

Mondo Party 2: Son Of Mondo

A tale of 2 cities: It came from New York, it’s been here forever. The sights and sounds of NYC’s East Village (circa 80-90s) meet Cliftonville, Kent (circa now). DJ set by Connect_Nothing + Ice Cream Mafia + DJ Susan. Hip Hop/ Punk/ Club Kid Electro/ Punjabi Techno. The sounds of Now and Then/ Here and Now.
#kimsvideo #cliftonville #community #101parties


THU, 14 SEP 2018

Mondo Party

Mondo Party w/ live DJ set by Kevin Morpurgo @connectnothingwithnothing + Nina Radio Tapes + Ice Cream Mafia and special guest DJs. In parallel w/ OUT NOW: loop video installation of trailers from the Kim’s Video database and NOW and THEN: images, styles, urban legends, things and sounds from NYC’s 80-90s side-by-side w/ local contemporary art inspired by the world and mythology of Kim’s Video.
#kimsvideo #cliftonville #community #101parties

SUN, 23 SEP 2018

Swedish French Italian at 101: Sheik Anorak / Anna Henriksson
#101livegigs #sheikanorak #annahenriksson

FRI, 21 SEP 2018

Kim’s video now

A recap and an invitation to the Margate community to discuss ways of making the town a key hub in global independent cinema whilst generating fun and a new economy around it.
#kimsvideo #cliftonville #community #101parties

SUN, 1 JUL 2018

Tom Swift / Recent Paintings
#tomswift #101artshow

SUN, 19 MAR 2017

Kim’s Video Strikes Back
#kimsvideo #independentmovies

MON, 25JUN 2018

The Great June Cleanup of 2018
#beachcleanup #community

SUN, 24 JUN 2018

ART’S COOL: Lumer / Blinderpuss / Teal / Art’s Cool DJ set
#101livegigs #artscool #lumer

SAT, 9 JUN 2018

JD Meatyard / Tamsin A / Harry Tea

WED, 6 JUN 2018

Short Films w/ Charlie Edwards Moss & Joe Francis Williams

FRI, 4 MAY 2018

Thank / Pink Suits

SAT, 10 MAR 2018

Bedtime Stories

As part of POW Festival’s after-hours programme, Aislinn Ash Sands will read from I Love Dick by Chris Kraus.
#powthanet #poetryreading

FRI 9 MAR 2018

Bedtime Stories

As part of POW Festival’s after-hours programme, Sam Simmons will be reading his poems and more.
#powthanet #poetryreading

THU, 8 MAR 2018

Bedtime Stories

As part of POW Festival’s after-hours programme, Jemma Channing reads from The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf.
#powthanet #poetryreading

WED, 7 MAR 2018

Life Lit Up
#sarahwyldphotography #powthanet #101artshow

THU, 21 DEC 2017

Sing loud, keep warm!

A collective singalong session in support of the Thanet Winter Shelter. Please post, email or just tell us your favourite songs beforehand for us all to sing along, have fun and raise funds and awareness around the needs of our homeless friends. Donations of warm clothes, blankets and anything that can help very welcome.
#singalong #homelessness #community

SUN, 16 DEC 2017

101 Winter Fair
#cliftonville #craftmarket #christmas

SUN, 10 DEC 2017

101 Community Lunch

The simple idea is that you bring a dish to share, and together we create a warm and welcoming space in which to meet new people and share food and conversation. Come whoever you are — everybody welcome! Bring friends and family, or come on your own and meet new people. Bring a dish to share- anything you would cook at home.
#communitylunch #cliftonville

FRI, 1 DEC 2017

Colin Webster and Friends w/ Andrew Lisle and Håla Duett
#101livegigs#colinwebster#andrewlisle#Håla Duett

SAT, 11 NOV 2017

Martinmas Lantern Walk
#familyfun #rudolfsteiner #waldorfeducation #martinmas

FRI, 19 MAY 2017

Changes – Jill Pantony at 101
#jillpantony #101artshow

FRI, 21 APR 2017

Annabelle Losa at 101
#annabellelosa #101artshow

FRI, 7 APR 2017

Kundalini Meditation at 101

Kundalini meditation is a dynamic, non-religious form of meditation invented by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, also known as Osho, in 1975, with original music by German former Krautrock legend and later new age composer Georg Deuter. It is done preferably in the late afternoon as it clears away the tensions that both the body and the mind tend to accumulate during the day. Benefits of regular Kundalini meditation include the drastic reduction of any unneeded activity of the mind (mind defrag), a pleasant sense of slowing of time thanks to its soothing effect on the sympathetic nervous system, whose function is to activate the fight-or-flight response in stressful situations. It can also help release old habits and addictions and improve irregular blood pressure and sleeping patterns.
#meditation #community

THU, 23 MAR 2017

Knitting Café at 101

A knitting and crocheting afternoon and evening for all, no matter the skills. Bring your own project or start a new one, on your own or in group. We are happy to give advice, teach and share patterns. Needles and yarns available to buy, borrow or swap.
#knitting #textiles #crafts #communit

SUN, 8 JAN 2017

David Robert Jones at 101 and it’s 1965

Back in 1965 David Bowie played and his band The Lower Third played every Thursday night at The Cliftonville Hall right behind 101 Social. To celebrate his birthday on our first year without him, we’ll listen to a compilation of our favourites songs in historical order. He wrote and recorded 272 of them.
#davidbowie #cliftonville

SAT 3 DEC 2016

Quaq Quao and other Italian cartoons from the 1970s

An afternoon tea and cake watching a few episodes from the series of 1970s Italian cartoons Quaq Quao, La Linea and Signor Rossi. All series written and produced by Francesco Misseri, Osvaldo Cavandoli and Bruno Bozzetto. Soundtracks by Piero Barbetti and Franco Godi. Age 0-100+.
#vintagecartoons #familyfun

SAT, 26 NOV 2016

Unsmash 101!

101 was smashed to bits. We cleaned things up but a little extra love would help immensely now. Join us this Saturday for some old school videomusic, beer and focaccia and let’s bring back the good vibes!
#party #community